Company Profile

Zentel Japan was founded by Powerchip group in 2003 as a design team to focus on the memory product development. And acquired by AP Memory in 2017. In 2019, Zentel Japan was spin-off as an IC design house and inherits the Zentel brand name business to continuously serve and develop the sophisticated memory products for customers in computer, consumer, communication, industrial and automotive applications.

History & Milestone

quality policy

To anticipate customer needs

Zentel Japan pays attention to satisfy each customer through globalization service and real-time technical support. We also provide competitive products with advantage of quality, specifications, price, and delivery.

To provide innovative products

Zentel Japan has professional R&D teams to provide standard products and customized products to meet customer special request.

To pursue outstanding quality

Zentel Japan commit to guarantee product yield stably by strict process and production control.
We insist on continuous improvement to ensure products in the high quality and we always do our best on the goal for the most appropriate and precise customer service.

Environmental Policy

Zentel Japan is an IC design house that develops, manufactures and sell mobile memory IC. The main production and process are outsourcing. We regularly monitor and manage external suppliers to ensure that each process can meet environmental regularization to reduce environmental hazards. Zentel Japan commit to following proclaim and implement the corporate responsibility for environmental protection and do the effort for the earth.

◆To comply with environmental safety and health regulations and customer requirements, to do the responsibility of protect environment.
◆Reasonable to use resources to meet customer requirements, and provide customer necessary support.
◆Energy saving, and encourage using green materials, reasonable recycling and reuse effectively.
◆After considering reasonable cost and saving benefits, we design the products that meet the specification.
◆Communicate with upstream and downstream suppliers and stakeholders to implement environmental policy.

Conflict mineral declaration

Conflict minerals come from minerals mined in situations of armed conflicts and human rights violations, especially 3TG produced in conflict mining areas: gold, tin, tantalum and tungsten.

Zentel Japan with all of its supplier partners to avoid the use of conflict minerals (3TGs) and carries out a due and updated survey on its supply chain every year. From time to time, Zentel reviews and collects the latest information on the RMI website. If there is an updated Conflict Minerals Template (CMRT), it asks suppliers to update it and send it back to ensure that no conflict minerals are used.

Company information

Zentel Japan Corporation

Establishment: September 2003

President : Sean, K.H.Lin


Development and sales of

semiconductor memory products


Tokyo Headquarter

  Address : 6F, 6-21-3, Shinbashi, Minato-ku,

  Tokyo. 105-0004, Japan

  Phone : +81-3-5408-6898

  Fax : +81-3-5408-6899

Osaka R&D Center

  Address : Amagasaki Front Bldg. 306, 1-2-6,

  Shioe, Amagasaki, Hyogo, 661-0976,Japan

  Phone : +81-6-4960-8561

  Fax : +81-6-4960-8563